Established by Dr Andreas Kappes in 2018, the Other Lab is ever growing with people from diverse backgrounds and interests. If you are interested in our work Click here to contact us and learn more. 

Dr Andreas Kappes, Principal Investigator 

Andreas is interested in better understanding the social behaviour of humans, using theories and methods from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. He's currently a Lecturer at City, University of London. Prior to joining City, He worked in the Department of Psycholgy in Oxford, UCL, and New York University.

Yasemin Genç, MSc Student

Yasemin holds a first-class BSc (hons) Psychology degree from City, University of London, and is currently completing her MSc in Social Cognition at University College London. She has a keen interest in behavioural change; especially regarding education, mental health, policy and environment; and is working as a Research Associate within a Behavioural Insights team at King's College London to improve social mobility and widening participation. She has been a Research Assistant with The Other Lab since 2018, where her research focuses on the effects of empathy on social influence. 

Muhammad Anwar, BSc Student 

Muhammad is a BSc Psychology student at City, University of London. He has been a Research Assistant for Dr Kappes since 2017. He is an aspiring Clinical psychologist, interested in social behavioural cognition and population ethics.Currently, he is a Honorary Assistant Psychologist at the Tower Hamlets Community Learning Disabilities Service

Sofia Allueva Yuste, Psychology Graduate

Sofia graduated with a first class BSc (Hons) in Psychology from City, University of London in 2019 and she currently works as a Research Executive for a social and market research company. When she's not in the office she works as a Research Assistant for The Other Lab, which she joined in 2018. The research projects she has been working on focus on aspects of social behaviour such as vicarious optimism and decision-making under uncertainty.

Sara Ferreira, BSc Student 

Sara Ferreira is a second year BSc Psychology student at City, University of London. She has been a research assistant in The Other Lab since early 2019. Currently, she is working on a project about the effects of power on learning, and is considering a career in research.

Rita Hira, MSc Student

Rita is completing an MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience at City University of London. She has started as a Research Assistant with The Other Lab in September 2019, focusing on prosocial behaviours and decision making towards different characters. She completed a BSc in Psychology with the Open University and spent a year working within the South London and Maudsley NHS, Youth Offending Service as a Psychology Assistant.  Her interests include decision making, mental health and memory.