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Meet the Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Andreas Kappes


Andreas is interested in better understanding the social behaviour of humans, using theories and methods from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. Andreas is currently a Senior Lecturer at City, University of London, and has been lecturing there since 2017. He has a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and prior to joining City, he developed expertise in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics through his experience working at University College London (with Tali Sharot) and Oxford (with Molly Crockett), and New York University (working with Gabriele Oettingen). His research has been published in Psychological Science, Nature Human Behaviour, Nature Neuroscience and various social psychological journals. Andreas’ primary interest is information processing and how it informs decision-making and behaviour, especially in a social context; and he has a keen interest in using science to inform policy.

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PhD Students

Yasemin Genç


Yasemin is currently completing her PhD at City University of London under the supervison of Andreas Kappes and James Yearsley. She holds an MSc with distinction in Social Cognition: Research and Applications from University College London, and a first-class BSc (hons) in Psychology from City, University of London. She has a keen interest in social behaviour and cognition; especially regarding beliefs, biases, and the seeking/ integration of information. She has been a Research Assistant with The Other Lab since 2018, where her research focuses on understanding, measuring and overcoming belief updating biases.

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Constanza Musso-Zapico


Constanza holds an MSc in Behavioural Economics from City, University of London, and a BSc in Engineering, specialising in Industrial Engineering and Transportation Engineering, from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She started as a Research Assistant with The Other Lab in 2021, and is interested in Human/Artificial Intelligence interactions. She is currently researching people's behaviour when confronted with Artificial Intelligence-based systems, particularly when making financial decisions. Constanza has experience working in strategy and innovation consulting, and has a keen interest in the development of technological tools to improve human lives.

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Rita Hira


Rita holds an MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience from City, University of London, and a BSc (hons) in Psychology with the Open University. She has been a Research Assistant with The Other Lab since 2019. Rita is currently working on developing a psychological framework on the techniques used by Creative Writers to elicit empathetic concern for marginalised groups. As well as a project that examines Personality Disorders and Beliefs. Rita is also interested in forensic psychology using neuroscience methods, and has gained relevant experience through her past position at South London and Maudsley NHS, Youth Offending Service; and her current role as a Research Assistant at Broadmoor Hospital. She is particularly interested in understanding how reward processes and learning lead to maladaptive behaviours

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Theresa Wiethoff


Theresa is currently studying for her BSc (Hons) in Psychology at City, University of London, and is aiming to finish in 2024. She successfully applied to the Psychology Research Excellence Program at City, Uiversity of London. She is investigating how people update their beliefs under ambiguity. 

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